KCS Proposed Physical Space


A message from the Kenosha Creative Space Board of Directors:

The Kenosha Creative Space is at a crossroads, but our commitment to developing a community center for local artists, creatives and entrepreneurs and cultural institutions remains firmly intact.
Until recently, our effort centered on the rehabilitation of long-vacant former Kresge building at 5722 Sixth Ave. in downtown Kenosha. That has now changed, due to the cost-prohibitive nature of the estimates received from contractors that submitted bids for the project.
As it is our goal to set the Kenosha Creative Space on a path for long-term sustainability, we have deemed it unwise to burden the organization with unwarranted debt from the building project. We owe it to our generous donors and community partners to provide a solid financial foundation for the organization – something we determined to be impossible with the unforeseen expense of renovating the Kresge building.

And so we are exploring options for another financially viable, responsible location for our project, as we are after all, the Kenosha Creative Space, not the Kenosha Creative Building. While our future bricks-and-mortar facility may differ from what we imagined, the mission of the organization has not changed: that is, to offer creatives a place of their own to gather, create, and exchange ideas.
We also remain committed to Kenosha’s downtown area. We continue to see that as the place where Kenosha’s creative economy is poised to flourish, and it is where the Kenosha Creative Space belongs.

In the meantime – before we settle on an advantageous location for our facility – we will continue to provide quality arts programing for the community, such as the New Emerging Music Series, the “Day of the Dead” community art project and block-party fundraiser, and “Banking on Our Community – an Arts Activation Event,” scheduled for July 21 and 22 at the former Chase Bank at 23rd Avenue and 63rd Street in Uptown Kenosha.

We thank our donors and partners, and look forward to soon sharing the good news of a new location for the Kenosha Creative Space.