What is the Kenosha Creative Space?

A Community Initiated Development

The Kenosha Creative Space, Inc. is a team project with participation from the city of Kenosha, by way of a $228,000 Community Development Block Grant, the Kenosha Art Association as grantee, ExposeKenosha as project manager and the Kenosha Community Foundation as fiscal sponsor and lead fundraising partner. The project is focused on the re-habilitation and re-purposing of a blighted building located at 5722-6th Avenue in downtown Kenosha, into a community center for creatives.

The revitalization of this building into a Creative Space is a perfect fit for the development strategies that were adopted by the city of Kenosha in the Downtown Kenosha Strategic Development Plan.

The Concept

The Kenosha Creative Space will be a self-sustaining community center that will enhance the creative economy in downtown Kenosha and add to the economic and cultural vitality of Kenosha’s downtown.

The Kenosha Creative Space, Inc. is a Wisconsin Non-Profit corporation created for the purpose of providing the organizational and legal structure to operate, maintain and assure the long-term sustainability of the Kenosha Creative Space.

Commitment to Community

The Kenosha Creative Space is committed to creating economic opportunities for local artists, musicians, creatives and their local partner organizations.
The partner organizations and individual members share the goal of using their collective resources for the mutual benefit of the Kenosha Creative Space, the creative community and the community at large.
In addition to membership income contributed by the partner organizations, individual memberships, and other retail income from tenants, the Kenosha Creative Space, Inc. will generate income from grants from foundations, donations from the public, special events. meetings, classes and conferences held at the Kenosha Creative Space. The Kenosha Creative Space, Inc. has a five year no-rent lease on the building with an option to buy the building at current market value.


To maintain Kenosha Creative Space, Inc. as 501(3)c corporation, the Kenosha Creative Space will provide educational activities and downtown Kenosha improvement projects in line with the Kenosha Creative Space mission.
Program already in place include:

  • Kenosha Mural Project – In 2015, the murals created by the program have been awarded “Best Public Improvement Project” by the Wisconsin Main Street Awards.
  • Pop-Up Galleries – Temporary Pop-Up Gallery exhibitions taking place in alternative spaces, frequently empty retail spaces. the temporary galleries activate interest in developing those locations.
  • Emerging New Music Series – In partnership with Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) and Kenosha charter schools, the series looks to connect students and the public at large to contemporary chamber music.
  • BeExposed! to the Arts – Series of events designed to showcase local artists and creatives in different locations.