Meet Sinclair Myhre

Kenosha Creative Space Featured Emerging Visual Artist and newest KCS member

Featured Visual Artists

Kenosha Creative Space offers emerging and artists at all levels the opportunity to exhibit their work, sell their creations, and join our membership community environment.

From Sinclair’s website:

“Currently on track to graduate from Carthage College Summer of 2021 with a double major in studio art and graphic design. I am a driven, direct, creative-minded leader aspiring to find a job that exercises and challenges my photography, art, and graphic design skills. My passion for the creative process, interpersonal intelligence, and collaboration inspire me to combine logic and the visualization of ideas to create a more organized, empathetic, and manageable world. My expertise, workflow, and mediums of visual communication are art, graphic design, and photography. My most successful work is often at an intersection of multiple mediums, where they coalesce, merge, and intertwine. My creative process is fueled by passion and dedication working fluidly between mediums.”


Open Painting Workshops

Join Sinclair Myhre Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m for an Open Painting Studio Session on our second floor community workshop space.

This is an open studio, work on an art project, or bring your own project to share with us.

Social distancing and the use of masks is strongly encouraged.

Donations gladly accepted.