Growing the local creative economy in Kenosha County

As the creative community becomes more important to economic and cultural development, employees require a place of their own to gather and exchange creative ideas. The Kenosha Creative space is that place.

The work that we do to support creative entrepreneurs and the programming that we provide for the community does not happen without the public’s support, and we’re so grateful for the support we’ve received over the years, and your continued support will truly make a difference on helping us fulfill our mission to be the hub to grow Kenosha’s creative economy…Our creative community is counting on it!


5 Reasons Why Businesses & The Arts Are Better Together 

1. Engagement & Inspiration

The arts engage employers and their employees by fostering the communication, leadership, and creative skills necessary to inspire new ideas and reach new audiences. Through programs such as writing workshops and networking events the Kenosha Creative Space is committed to providing engagement opportunities for artists, musicians, businesses and their employees.


2. Diversity & Inclusion

The arts are a means to developing a diverse, inclusive and collaborative workplace. As many organizations have evolved to meet the new demands of technology and a hybrid workforce, having a way to bring those people together is imperative. The Kenosha Creative Space is a safe place for people to go and share their unique culture and creative backgrounds through events such as the weekly Create @theSpace and open stage events.


3. Community Development

 The arts are a way to develop community in and outside of the business. Businesses can support the community in many ways such as commissioning a local artist to paint a mural, working with creative employees to modernize their brand, or sponsoring programs such as the Emerging Music Series in partnership with KUSD. The Kenosha Creative Space remains a bridge between companies, artists, and organizations such as UW-Parkside, Gateway Technical College and Carthage College, among many others.


4. Business Development

The arts, as mentioned, are a way for companies and their people to create new and innovative ideas developing business internally. Additionally, the arts are a way for companies to meet and partner with other businesses, organizations, and local government. The Kenosha Creative Space is a catalyst for this sort of business development with a long-lasting relationship with the City of Kenosha, Downtown Kenosha Inc., and various educational groups including KUSD.


5. Economic Development

The arts support the development of the local economy. Whether it’s through the commission of artwork, or the sponsoring of a community event, businesses are directly influencing the local economy. The Kenosha Creative Space has organized events like Festival Orgullo Hispano which has brought in thousands of visitors and tourists across the Midwest. By sponsoring such events companies raise their brand awareness, financially support the creatives involved, and facilitate repeat traffic to Kenosha.

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