Corporate Sponsorship

We are the hub to grow the local creative economy in kenosha

What role does the Kenosha Creative Space play in the Kenosha creative landscape?

Inspires and Engages

Kenosha Creative Space Commitment to Our Community

The Kenosha Creative Space is committed to creating economic opportunities for local artists, musicians, creatives, entrepreneurs and their local partner organizations.

Fosters Cross-Sector Relationships

Kenosha Creative Space Collaborations

We have been working closely with the City of Kenosha through our event permit application process, and we have established and implemented creative collaborations with Carthage College, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, the Kenosha Unified School District, Downtown Kenosha Inc. and other local organizations. During 2019 we are presenting a strong slate of programming and events.

Impacts Our Economy

Community Events

In 2018, KCS organized pop-up arts events at the Simmons Island Beach Party and alley-ways in downtown Kenosha. These events have successfully brought visitors to the downtown area and generated foot traffic for local businesses. We are planning a new event in downtown Kenosha in summer 2019, with the goal to bring a diverse crowd together to celebrate Kenosha’s strong creative community. Rockabilly by the Lake will be presented Father’s Day weekend at the Kenosha Harbor.


Emerging Music Series & Carthage College Partnership

With the support of the Kenosha Community Foundation, KCS launched the Emerging Music Series in partnership with local high schools. KCS has brought to Kenosha Latitude 49, a successful contemporary chamber music group based in Chicago and Canada. In collaboration with Carthage College, KCS has been presenting at the Space a performance art presentation featuring emerging talent from Carthage.

Join Our Mission

As the creative community becomes more important to Kenosha’s economic and cultural development, artists and creatives requires a place of their own to gather and exchange ideas. Kenosha Creative Space is that place.