Take a risk!

What is “Take a Risk!”?

“Take a Risk!” is a three hour innovative workshop that develops leadership and risk-taking skills through the creative lens of music theatre. Participants will build confidence and resilience by learning how to take small, creative risks in a fun and safe setting. Participants will also explore their aversion to risk and develop new strategies to approaching the risks we take in our professions, our daily decisions, and our relationships. This is not a workshop about buzzwords and platitudes, it’s about learning how to approach the hard work in small steps so we can unlock all that we are truly capable of.
Participant fee $75.
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About Rachel Page:

Rachel is a musician, actor and business consultant. Rachel has always been driven to create her own work and too often finds herself in situations that require a big leap of faith. Inspired heavily by travel and Brené Brown, Rachel has spent years making music in many corners of the world. Some of her most formative experiences have been performing with Second City on Norwegian Cruise Lines, serving as the program director for Kwan Kwan Music Theatre School in China, and moving to Barcelona, where she was able to partner with Eolia Conservatory to direct a workshop of Someone You Know, an original musical she co-created and composed. Rachel is a true believer in the importance of human connection and feels that regardless of origin, music connects us all. She is grateful to be able to create music and connections wherever she can.

About Rachel Page Sings:

Rachel Page Sings is a fresh, boutique consultancy based in Chicago. Today’s business environment is changing at a fast pace. From global pandemics to engaged consumers, tomorrow’s leaders need to be ready for an ever shifting future. With a creative foundation, Rachel Page Sings develops leaders, strengthens teams, and prepares organizations for the challenges of today and tomorrow.
Rachel Page Sings was founded in the fall of 2014. Her career in the Chicago theater scene and consequent success building a vocal coaching business has given her unique insights and a creative perspective. Currently pursuing a Masters of Music Theatre Pedagogy with an emphasis in Business Design and Innovation from Carthage College, Rachel has learned that embracing vulnerability and taking creative risks are the keys to success.