Kenosha Creative Space strives to promote the creative economy in Kenosha. By offering a multi-purpose venue and work space, both local and nationally recognized artists and creative entrepreneurs have found success at The Space.

I own Blue House Books, Kenosha’s only full-service, indie bookstore. I started as a pop-up bookseller with only used titles, and have steadily grown throughout the last three years. BHB is now expanding into a full store in Downtown Kenosha, in the Kenosha Creative Space building.

I connected with KCS through Francisco Loyola, the Executive Director, while we were both planning pop-up events in 2017. Since then, we have worked together on countless projects and both of our endeavors have become success stories.  Francisco and KCS works with each individual member or client to plan events, coordinate projects, and offer logistical solutions. They even help navigate obstacles such as permits and city approval for larger projects. Being a part of KCS means being a part of the creative community in Kenosha and surrounding communities, and the connections I have made throughout my membership have been invaluable.

Kenosha Creative Space has made Downtown Kenosha a vibrant and cultured community, and I would highly recommend anyone in a creative industry to connect with The Space either through memberships or by attending events and supporting the nonprofit through donations. It truly is an investment to better our community

Samantha Jacquest

Small Business Owner, Blue House Books